Social responsibility

Tellus supports the Norwegian Children Cancer Association – Team Rynkeby, the Salvation Army, the Norwegian Church Abroad, the Stine Sofie Foundation and Asfalt.

Tellus is a proud contributor to several charitable causes and is fundamentally a champion of multimodal forms of transport, due to the major ethical and environmental advantages that they bring.

By actively shipping goods by multimodal means, and minimize our exposure to truck transport, we are making a positive contribution to a cleaner climate, and fewer accidents on Norwegian roads. At the same time, we put distance between us and a system in which foreign drivers are paid less than a minimum wage by Norwegian transport agencies for assignments to, from and in Norway.

In its “Combined transport directive” the EU confirms that multimodal solutions are the future, both with respect to the environment and accidents.

«The negative externalities of transport create costs for society estimated at 4% of EU GDP in 2011 (projected to increase by around 40% by 2030). The large majority of these (72% of GHG emissions, 97% of accidents) is caused by the road sector, which dominates the freight transport market in EU.. The EU transport policy has set a goal to reduce these effects by supporting a shift from long distance road transport to combinations of other modes of transport (multimodal transport).»

According to the Norwegian Roads Administration, there were 32 fatal accidents involving heavy vehicles in 2017, of which 27 involved trucks/trailers. This is one set of statistics that we are proactively doing something about. By moving cargo from the road to ship or train, we limit the number of trailers on Norwegian and European roads.