Multimodal transport

Multimodal transport is all about creating the most advantageous combination of logistics products from collection to delivery.

The majority of those who choose this way of transporting tings, do it because there are major potential cost-savings. Transport by ship or train cost a lot less per kilometre than e.g. by truck. This is because they are able to carry much more goods per trip and are using a lot fewer resources per trip considering the cargo quantity.
However, multimodal is not always the right choice. For time-critical goods, where the transport cost is unimportant, air cargo and direct delivery by truck, will always be best.

These days, there are increasingly severe traffic jams on overburdened roads, which reduces the reliability of optimal cargo transfer by road. When adding stricter regulations, increased environmental focus, underpaid drivers and accidents on Norwegian roads, it is clear that the combination of different forms of transport is the way of the future. In multimodal transport, the focus is on optimizing lead times and cost efficiency, but it also provides opportunities for using solutions that provide major environmental and ethical gains.