1. Do I need customs clearance if I'm buying or selling goods abroad?

Norway has quite a ponderous body of regulations regarding customs and duties related to the import and export of goods.

Tellus Logistics has several capable employees with long experience and good competence with respect to customs and the related legislation.

We are more than happy to assist your company with customs clearance or other tasks, or questions related thereto.

You’ll find telephone numbers and e-mail addresses of employees under Contact Us.

2. What does Sea Transport mean?

Quite simply, sea transport is transport from one port to another by ship.

Sea transport is a more environmentally friendly form of transport than the otherwise widespread road transport, and achieves a lot less emissions per ton transported than is the case for transport by road.

Tellus Logistics has also seen, through long-term experience with sea transport and multimodal solutions, that it may also be quite cost effective to ship goods by sea, and we are able to offer prices that are very competitive with competitors that use transport by road.

3. I am going to collect goods, but there isn't enough for a whole container. What should I do?

We have a package cargo solution by container. In this case, we consolidate several package cargo shipments in one container and utilize the whole unit that way.

We collect goods from the U.S., Asia and Europe with our package cargo solution.

Read more about our package cargo here.

4. What is a forwarding agent?

A forwarding agent is someone who has the network and the contacts where you are sending or receiving goods. It is also someone who arranges for customs clearance and everything else the cargo owner or byer needs in order for the goods to arrive at the right time and at the right price.

We don’t own any trucks, ships or aircraft ourselves We look at this as a great advantage. By removing ourselves from the ownership of the means of transport, we are positioned as an independent operator that is able to adapt in a special way to the customer’s requirements.

There are many types of goods; some need to arrive quickly, some are large, and some are going to peculiar destinations. The advantage of a forwarding agent is that we have all the opportunities available to us through our network, and are not locked in to “recommend” that you use e.g. truck, even if the price had been better by ship or aircraft.

5. What types of containers are there?


There are several types. Contact us to have a talk about whether container is a solution for you.

6. What do I need to do to order freight?

Tellus does not have a customer center or web booking. We believe in a more personal touch in the handling of our enquiries and customers.

State measures + weight + how often you ship goods, and you will be taken care of by a professional.

Contact us on www.booking@telluslogistics.no or call us on +47 51 56 60 00 se.

If you have already talked to one of our people, you will find the telephone number and e-mail address of employees under Contact Us.

7. Which countries do you transport goods to and from?
We operate worldwide, almost without exceptions.
9. Do you handle assignments for private individuals?
No, but we can recommend companies that do.
10. Do I need insurance when shipping my goods?
Yes, we will always recommend that you carry separate transport insurance. If you don’t have insurance, Tellus Logistics can assist you in finding an insurance policy that suits you.
11. Is there room for my cargo in a container?
In almost all cases, there is a container that will be suitable for your type of cargo. The key to cost effective transport is to utilize the cargo carrier in order to avoid transporting air and free capacity. By using the correct type of container, there is lots of money to be saved (link to the cargo unit information page). At Tellus Logistics, we have a package cargo solution by container. In this case, we consolidate several package cargo shipments in one container and utilize the whole unit better that way.
12. If I order transport through Tellus Logistics, will my cargo be delivered by a local driver?
In most cases a local driver will deliver your cargo. Especially if we use multimodal solutions. The cargo will arrive at your nearest port we will book the final delivery with a local company. We always try our best to ensure that the cargo is delivered by a driver you can easily communicate with. 80% of our shipments are multimodal, delivered by local drivers. We continue to increase this percentage.