Courier is a flexible and affordable alternative of freight.

The courier service consists of cargo transportation with an operator that is exclusively engaged in the specialty of transporting small packages and smaller shipments. In this case, the goods are sorted according to destination, in order to create the most effective transport between countries. This is a much more inexpensive form of transport than air cargo, but it does take more time. This type of transport is not suited for larger shipments.

For larger urgent shipments, we have a good global contact network. In aggregate it constitutes a lot of competence in different industries and special enquiries. This makes it possible for the customer to order everything from ordinary air cargo to dedicated aircraft.

For smaller shipments, we have good agreements with all the major courier companies, and are therefore able to cover most of the world, with an almost unlimited number of services.

Air cargo is the fastest possible transport of goods from one point to another, for both large and small shipments. And, it is equally well suited for both complicated and uncomplicated operations.

Tellus Logistics has a high level of competence with respect to both air cargo and courier services, so give us a call or send us an e-mail, so we can discuss the solutions that are best suited to your goods and requirements.