The model that works best for our customers, is where Tellus Logistics operates as the customer’s logistics department.

As an independent operator, we are not tied to solving tasks in any certain way and are therefore able to adapt according to the customer’s budget and requirements.

We will also be an advisor on technical logistics issues concerning the customer’s supply chain and its optimization.

This provides the customer complete control and choice regarding solutions and costs.

In such a model, Tellus will be the point of contact between the different company departments and customers, vendors and customs authorities. This ensures optimal cargo handling, information flow between the parties involved, and quality.

Tellus has a broad range of international collaboration partners, and is able to prepare specialized solutions for individual customers, that are fully and completely adapted to requirements, price, volume and destinations.

We have a complicated customer base, where different needs have to be met in different ways, so we believe in an approach to customer follow-up and contact in which availability, professionalism and service is some of the most important things we offer.

For this model, we have been awarded with good long-term customer relationships, as well as Gazelle prizes in 2017 and 2018.