About us

Tellus Logistics was established in 2013 by employees with long experience in the freight forwarding business.

Currently, we are 9 employees and had a turnover of NOK 56 million in 2018. In recent years, industry developments have moved towards major players acquiring smaller competitors. The focus has been on turnover and volume, rather than quality and service. We wish to move in the opposite direction and concentrate on the needs of each individual customer – through personal follow-up of each shipment.

A great deal of the growth of Tellus Logistics, comes from diligent use of multimodal and intermodal transport solutions. We use these solutions proactively to influence other operators in the industry to think about ethics and the environment to a greater extent.

Tellus Logistics is a complete freight forwarder, but think we stand a cut above the others by offering solutions that challenge the norm.